Opis projekta

From 24th of February to 26th of February 2017, the 17th “ Masquerade Weekend”, a traditional project of Rotaract Club of Rijeka took place.

This year funds were raised for merit based scholarships which will be awarded to talented high school students of low socio – economic status..

What is “ Masquerade Weekend”?
MW is 17 years old initiative of Rotaract Club Rijeka organized every year prior to Rijeka’s famous carnival and each year we raise funds for a different beneficiary. The project culminates with a celebration during which our club members, our supporters and all other interested parties gather to mark a successful fund – raising. Usually the celebration takes place in one of Rijeka’s popular hot spots. Each year we choose different theme and this year all of our guests came dressed up as famous blockbuster villains.

Every year we choose a different beneficiary!

During the past few years we managed to donate an infusomat to the children’s hospital “Kantrida” with 10,000.00 HRK in 2011, didactic materials and aids for speech therapy to the cabinet of the kindergarten “Rijeka” with 24,000.00 HRK in 2012 and 2013, another infusomat to “Rijeka” hospital with 17,000.00 HRK in 2014; and last year we awarded a merit based scholarship to an excellent high school student of low socio – economic status with 10,000.00 HRK (http: //www.mojarijeka.hr/vijesti/rotaract-klub-rijeka-dodijelio-je-10000-kuna-st …).

This year we decided to do the same so in April of 2017  all high school students of low socio – economic status will be able to apply for a competitive merit based scholarship.

None of this would be possible without our partners, sponsors and donators. Big thank you to

  • our graphic designer Lea Jurin from Mikser LLC,
  • Mr. Žarko Diminić, owner of “River Pub” Rijeka,
  • Mr. Boris Lešić from Studio Conex LLC,
  • Mr. Darko Šukunda from Retro bellus travel LLC,
  • Mr. Srećka Rudinica from Staklo LLC,
  • Mr. Zoran Pejić from Gastroprojekt LLC,
  • Mr. Ivica Konječić from Plastform LLC,
  • Mr. Mirko Grošić from Geotech LLC,
  • Mr.Darko Tolja from Conmare LLC,
  • Mr. Nikola Sabljar, attorney,
  • Mr. Darko Mihelić from E-CAD LLC,
  • Mrs. Martina Gudac from Expono LLC,
  • Mr. Anto Domić from Netcom LLC,
  • Mr. Sandro Viškanić from Nekretnine LLC,
  • Mr. Ivan Furčić from Securitas Croatia LLC,
  • Mr. Srđan Marelić from Marelić orthodontics,
  • Mr. Dominik Simčić from Poli-mix LLC,
  • Mr. Neven Kundija from MEP LLC,
  • Mrs. Vlatka Stanić,
  • Rotary Club Zagreb Metropolitan, Croatia,
  • Rotaract Club Zagreb Zrinjevac,
  • Rotaract Club Zagreb Center,
  • Rotaract Club Zagreb,
  • Rotaract Club Zagreb-Sesvete,
  • Rotaract Club Varaždin,
  • Rotaract Club Osijek,
  • Rotaract Club Zagreb 1242,
  • Rotaract Club Međimurje,
  • Rotaract Club Bihać,
  • Rotaract Club Podgorica,
  • Rotary E-club Croatia,

and a special thank you to all Rotary Club Rijeka members, as well as Rotary Club Fiume San Vito members.

We act whenever we recognize a cause or a beneficiary. Join us and become a part of our adventure by helping your community!