Opis projekta

Rotaract club Rijeka is inviting you once again to attend their famous Masquerade weekend (16th) which will be held from 05.02.2106. to 07.02.2016.! Masquerade weekend is a traditional project of Rotaract club Rijeka, which is held each year at the time of Rijeka’s Carnival. Don’t miss your opportunity to visit the third biggest Carnival in the world and be part of our Masquerade weekend!
What have we prepared for you this year? As always, good vibes and plenty of fun under the masks ! This year party theme is TIME TRAVELLER. That’s right! Are you more nostalgic for some past times or eager to know what the future holds? Dress up as if you came on your personal time machine directly from 1920s, or maybe 2050. Be creative and be whoever you want to be! Time is relative.